Why Parke

Demonstrating Distinct Standards, Value, and Results.

Through our commitment to a culture of continuous improvement, the Parke team of employees are dedicated to safely delivering high quality and greatly valued warehousing and toll-processing services to all of our supply chain partners.

Our Principles

Legacy. Advocacy. Transparency. Visionary. Adaptability.

The principles of Parke are embedded in our story, our operations, and our culture. They encapsulate a commitment to providing our employees with a safe, productive and positive work environment. Our pillars represent our past and direction for the future and guarantee that we will always strive to deliver a friction free experience to our customers.

Our Employees

Loyalty. Longevity. Standards.

The pinnacle of our operation and a key differentiator from our competitors is our employees. We have utilized decades of their experience and expertise in building quality and safety standards that offer proven results and efficient and economical returns for our customers. Our employees are committed to make Parke the number one strategic partner in customized warehousing and toll-processing solutions.

Our Solutions

Technology. Data. Accuracy.

We understand the importance of the latest technology and collaborative communication to elevate the value of our services and provide feasible data driven solutions. Our employees use technology and follow through procedures to ensure greater accuracy of inventory, reduced costs associated with product movement and quick response times. We go beyond logistics and distribution to product processing and packaging, creating unique 3PL relationships with our supply chain partners.

Our Culture

PCIS. Vision. Values.

Parke’s Continuous Improvement System, referred to as PCIS, utilizes competitively unique processes and results-focused systems to exceed expectations and enhance our reputation as a collaborative supply chain partner. The Vision and Values of PCIS are applied within each employee’s scope of work to safeguard their safety and the quality in which they operate. This system also allows us to offer data-driven solutions to assist in our customers reaching their goals of efficiency and growth.

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