Traditionally Progressive Since 1854

Parke is a family operated warehousing and toll-processing business headquartered in the heart of the Midwest.

Since its establishment in 1854, Parke now operates six locations and over one million square feet of warehousing and toll-processing space. Our employees are the foundation of our operation, taking pride in the work they do to fulfil the customer’s needs safely and accurately. Utilizing the highest standards in food and employee safety, we continually evolve our lines of business with robust technology that provides data driven decisioning and profitable solutions to maximize the value of doing business with us.

Parke’s key achievements are noteworthy.

Parke is proud to stand as one of Decatur, Illinois’ longest running businesses still in operation today. Since 1854. Parke has progressed to accommodate the revolutionary and industrial changes to meet the needs of our customers. Throughout time,, we have established relationships with some of the largest agri-businesses in the world; as well as many well-respected, family-owned businesses in our region. Learn more about the history of our company and the leadership that has guided Parke through decades of economic transition and manufacturing innovation.

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